Best Flooring for Kids and Families

by Beaver Carpet on October 15, 2015

2Parents considering new flooring probably have questions and concerns related to what floors are best for their families. When considering safety, health and durability, Consumer Reports has some information you might want to review. To summarize each area, let’s break them down:

Safety: Of course you want your children to be safe. Choosing flooring that is suitable for the busiest areas of your home is important. For instance, if your dining room does not receive a lot of foot traffic, you should be fine in installing more expensive hardwoods. But for your kitchen, playroom and bedrooms, consider that young feet will likely be barefooted and could be wet. Think about slipping, sliding and falling and which all kids are likely to do. You want to try to prevent it, but when this does happen, it is better when the surface is more forgiving.

Health: Parents are very aware these days of home products being eco-friendly. With allergies on the rise, considering flooring that does not affect your child’s health is important. If you have pets who shed, their hair and dander can land on your floors, increasing potential for allergens. Ask about the FloorScore Certification and volatile organic compounds in products you are interested in. Even lead exposure and other chemical compounds can be found in varying flooring options, so read about your potential flooring choices and their health ratings before you buy.

Durability: Kids take a toll on floors! This goes from equipment, such as high chairs, to toys with wheels and other parts with scratching potential. Consumer Reports has done testing on simulated exposure to scuffs, scratches, sunlight, dents, and spills to help you decide what choice is right for you. You have to consider products that not only look good, but can take the necessary wear and tear of the cleaning that goes along with kid usage. The best solid wood, laminate, and vinyl in Consumer Report Ratings were also best in their simulated foot-traffic tests.

Making the right choice in family-friendly flooring can be an easy process. By considering safety, health and durability while doing your homework, reading and asking questions, you can find the right flooring choice to suit your family’s needs.

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