Hardwood Flooring

With a name like Beaver Carpets, you can imagine we "do know" hardwood In fact, we "cut our teeth" on it.

this is one of the reasons we sell so much Hardwood Flooring at Beaver Carpets.  The average consumer calls for a price quote for 150 square feet of hardwood flooring, based on the price they have been given by their local flooring retailer.  Typically, you will be able to purchase an extra room with the savings you receive from Beaver Carpets.

The quaint warmth and beauty offered by the presence of hardwood flooring in a home adds charm and sophistication to the interior of any home. are rumored to be tedious in maintaining however, contrary to popular belief, new technology in stains and finishes requires little more than sweeping, vacuuming and the occasional use of a professional quality wood floor cleaning product for maintenance. Ecologically friendly, being a natural resource, wood floors are renewable and recyclable. The most important aspect of hardwood floors, especially to home owners, is not only the affordability of wood flooring, but their ability to maintain value over time.  In a recent national real-estate survey, 90% of agents stated that homes with hardwood flooring sold faster and appraised higher than homes without it.

In order to take advantage of hardwood flooring savings, we suggest you shop in your own home town.  Once you identify a particular hardwood flooring style and color, contact us throughthe email request form for an email price quote or call our toll-free number (800-628-2206) for a fast price quote. Hardwood flooring and contacting Beaver Carpets for a Hardwood flooring price quote are two of the best investments you will make in your home.

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