How to Know What Floor is Right for What Room

by Beaver Carpet on September 24, 2015

How to Know

If you are thinking of making flooring changes in your home, you may question what type of floor is right for the various rooms in your home. While it is a matter of choice, some common sense should play into the various spaces depending on the use of the room and the look you are trying to achieve.

Entryways: These areas tend to take a lot of traffic and are more susceptible to weather issues. Tile and hardwoods are usually a good choice for entryways. Pets, dirt, sand, children and other factors may determine which choice is best. For a front entry, something that sets the tone for the house is appropriate. For instance, a more formal interior might call for beautiful tile or elegant hardwoods. Untitled design-5A back entry could require more durable scratch resistant flooring that takes higher traffic requirements. Think about what is outside the entry and what might be coming inside. Then choose the flooring accordingly that is both practical and beautiful.

Bedrooms: Carpet is still king in the bedroom. This is because most people want something soft underfoot, that is also sound friendly and gives a warmer, cozier feel to the space. Other options are certainly fine, however carpet offers so much variety in pile, color, and texture that it enhances design and style of any bedroom. In a space where bare feet are the norm, carpet remains the most popular choice.

Kitchen and dining room: These two spaces are usually connected or combined and subsequently end Untitled design-7up being the same flooring. Here, you will likely want something easy to clean and maintain that is moisture friendly while durable. Wood and tile are the most prominent choices, and even cork is becoming a popular choice. These rooms are where guests will likely convene, so choices that are pleasing esthetically will make you want to spend more time in these areas.

Living/TV Room: This may be where you spend the most of your “down” time, so choosing a floor that matches the style of furniture and accomplishes the look you are trying to achieve allows anything to go here. Pick what you like and makes you feel good.

Bathroom: You cannot ignore that the flooring needs to be moisture friendly. This means ceramic tile might be your best option, because laminate and hardwoods tend to absorb moisture instead. If you use natural stone or marble, be sure to seal them with protective coating. You’ll be on these floors in bare feet, so do a little test run with no shoes on to help you make the best choice.

Untitled design-6Playroom: Children invariably spend a lot of time on the floor. Therefore, carpet may be your best bet in a playroom. It is comfortable for sitting, rolling around and playing on the floor. If any tumbling takes place, carpet is more forgiving to falls. For tv watching or game playing, stretching out on the floor can be ideal. It also helps to keep the noise level down. Finally, some carpets are spill-friendly and can be easy to clean.

Making the right choice of flooring depending on the variety of spaces you have throughout your home can make a big difference in your long-term satisfaction. Do your homework and consider the variety of options while working with a qualified consultant who can guide you. At the end of the day, your enjoyment is the ultimate goal.

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