Laminate Flooring Is A Great Way To Freshen Up Your Home

by Beaver Carpet on May 19, 2014

Laminate flooring is a phenomenal way to change the feel of any room of your home this season. Unlike hardwood flooring, laminate floors can be installed with a great deal of ease. The boards are made of fiberboard coted with a plastic laminate, with grooves and tongues that make installation just about as difficult as putting together LEGOS. So, if the change in season has put you in the mood to change your flooring, this article will give you great information.

As with any endeavor, a little preparation in the beginning can be the difference between success and failure. Make sure you take into consideration what room you will be installing the flooring and what colors you will be using to decorate. A budget is a tool that never ends up on the hardware store list, but a good budget will help you just as much as a good hammer.

You will want to measure the size of the room that you will be laying the flooring, this will allow you to estimate how much laminate flooring you will need. The local big box store will have a small selection, but savvy shoppers know that the widest variety and best prices for flooring are found on the Internet.

Laminate flooring is great because you can do a test run to make sure everything fits properly. You want to space out all the full-length planks first. This will allow you to see exactly what you need to cut to fill in the gaps. Taking time to do the test can save you from purchasing more flooring if you end up cutting incorrectly. Anytime you cut laminate flooring, be sure you cut the bottom. This saves the visible side from any chips that may occur.

Installing laminate flooring is a home improvement project that the whole family can work on together. Not only will the flooring bring a room together, it can help create fun family memories. We would love to help you with any flooring needs

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