Discount Laminate Flooring

Love the look of natural flooring but not the cost and upkeep? Laminate is for you!

Laminate Flooring offers realistic colors and designs combine with unmatched durability to produce the ideal floor covering for nearly any room in your home. Even better, easy installation makes laminates a top choice for do-it-yourselfers in search of an updated look on a budget.

Choose from Among a Variety of Laminate Styles and Manufacturers

Many of today's top manufacturers produce quality laminates in hundreds of styles, including Mohawk, Armstrong, Witex and more. Whether you're decorating style is casual or sophisticated, the look of a classic wood floor is a good fit. Laminates offer your choice of traditional pine, elegant cherry, everyday oak, or even upscale teak or mahogany. Only you will know it's not real wood. For a timeless look that's equally suited for a modern or traditional home, choose a stunning stone or slate replica from Witex. Offering a true-to-nature look and feel without the costly upkeep of real stone, these laminates are a pleasure to install and care for.

Laminates Easy-Care Durability and Lasting Value

Perhaps the biggest benefit of laminate flooring is its ease of care. Imagine hardwood you never have to wax, or stone that will never crack or crumble. Unlike some hardwood finishes, laminate flooring is fade resistant and maintains its beauty for years. In addition, water, household chemicals, and even high-heeled shoes are no match for durable laminates. Heavy traffic, active families, and unexpected guests are never a concern when you choose a quality laminate flooring solution for your home.

Installation is Easy with Quality Laminates

Laminate flooring is easily installed over many types of existing floors, including concrete, wooden sub-floors, and even over existing hardwood or vinyl. No special equipment or skill is required, just standard hand and power tools and the ability to measure carefully and follow directions. As with any home improvement project, planning is key, so be sure to thoroughly investigate your options, take the time to envision your finished project, and lay out your flooring before making the first cut. If you're not comfortable with do-it-yourself projects, you shouldn't have any trouble finding a contractor to complete the job for you. Need help choosing the right wholesale laminate flooring for your home or business? Call 1-800-628-2206 or email Beaver Carpets today and our experienced staff will be happy to help you decide which flooring option best suits your personality and budget. Don’t forget to use our Flooring Calculator so you know exactly how much discount laminate flooring you will need for your project.      
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