Old Carpet Scraps Have New Appeal

by Beaver Carpet on October 8, 2015

UnderstandingWe’re sharing some very helpful hints of how to use your old carpet scraps from Jennifer Stimpson, This Old House Magazine. Here we go!

Cut up and move your heavy carpet: put under the corners and slide to your new destination.

Help your knees: carpet squares make the perfect knee cushion for gardening or kneeling on your hard floors. Store and reuse any time you “kneed” them (lol).

Give your dog some luxury living: old carpet makes a great covering for a dog house, crate or favorite spot that you don’t want worn out.

Insulate your compost pile: just lay the old carpet over your pile and let it do the work. It will heat and keep moisture in so composting happens.

Protect areas from damage: think about the walls where your car doors open, or if you are moving large furniture through a door way and need a soft buffer. Scraps are super helpful for these tight spots.

Screen cleaning: who knew? Dip your carpet scrap into sudsy water and wipe over your window screens. This allows the cleanser and strands to work their magic and provide you with cleaner screens!

Pad a noisy washer or dryer: a little wedge of carpet underneath your bouncing washer or bumping dryer can do the trick to muffle the sounds.

Now we are adding a few faves of our own:

Time Out Corner: a carpet scrap makes a perfect “spot” to go to when you child needs a little “time out.”

Working Underneath a Car: lay a scrap down to protect your home mechanic’s back while underneath the car.

Furniture Moving & Storage: wedging carpet scraps between furniture protects pieces from scratching while moving and storing.

Happy cat: Make a clawing pole for your favorite feline by wrapping an old scrap around a wooden post.

Patch a spot: this is a must. Keep some scraps of your original carpet handy in case of major spills or discolorations you cannot clean up. A skilled installer can help you cut out the bad spot and replace with the scrap to look new again.

What are your favorite uses for your carpet scraps?

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