Camelot Carpet

As their name suggests, Camelot Carpet is known for enduring quality and timeless style. Founded in 1973, Camelot Carpet Mills is a family-owned and operated business that takes pride in producing some of the finest quality carpets available today.

When It Comes to Quality, Come to Camelot

From its beginnings, Camelot Carpet Mills has committed to producing high-quality floor coverings, designed to ensure long-term fade resistance and outstanding durability.

Camelot offers a wide selection of quality fabrics, ranging from high-twist textured cut piles to the latest in intricate residential patterned carpets. Each fabric comes in 30 to 40 standard colors with custom colorization available.

Camelot Carpet’s commitment to quality does not stop at just what you can see, though.

They choose only top-quality raw materials for every aspect of the manufacturing process, from the backing to the dye, providing you with a floor covering that will not only withstand the rigors of a busy household, but which will be a lasting part of your home decor.

A “Greener” Flooring Alternative

What’s more, Camelot products exceed the “Green Label Plus” specifications for low emission of volatile organic compounds established by the Carpet and Rug Institute. Qualifying for this testing program demonstrates a commitment to developing ways to minimize any adverse effects on indoor air quality.

In addition, Camelot was named a “Clean Air Partner” with the South Coast Air Quality Management District for achieving – five years ahead of schedule – the 2004 target levels for Nitrous oxide emissions.

Choose the Camelot Carpet that Matches Your Personality

Whether you prefer casual, elegant, classic or modern, Camelot Carpet Mills has a floor covering to suit your needs. With dozens of styles in hundreds of colors, your biggest problem will be choosing just one.

Whatever your lifestyle and flooring needs, Camelot Carpet Mills is definitely worth a look.

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