Carpet Padding

Padding is the life of your carpet. Selecting the right padding can be can increase the life and beauty of you carpet that you have painstakingly selected for your home or office. Selecting the wrong padding can decrease the life of your carpet.

At Beaver Carpets, we are the experts in helping you select the right carpet padding for your application. We carry all sizes and weights and at the right price too.

Thickness’ include 3/8″, 7/16″, 9/16″ and 1/2″ inch. Weights range from 6 to 8 lbs psi.

Kid Proof Carpet Padding

Kid Proof Carpet Padding is our most popular line of carpet padding systems. This product is manufactured with triple thick laminate and 6 X 6 web for maximum strength. That means it will not crumble, deteriorate or bottom out with age and is also Antimicrobial and Non-Allergenic. The triple laminate is on the top and bottom of the pad to retard micro-organisms, odors, mold and mildew and is recommended for any area that is high traffic. The density and firmness are specially formulated to increase the longevity of your carpet.

This padding comes in two different thicknesses: 3/8″ thickness 1/4″ thickness

Healthier Choice

Environmentally friendly “Healthier Choice Green” cushion is also available. This is a Hi-Density Frothed Micro Closed Cell Polyurethane Cushion.

Characteristics: The micro cell construction allows each cell to act like a tiny shock absorber. This gives outstanding resilience and support. This pad will NOT bottom out. “Healthier Choice” pad is ideal for the heaviest residential traffic, and can be used over radiant heated floors. In fact, the R rating is so low (.66) that it takes less energy for warm air to pass through the small cells of the padding. Therefore, floors get warm quickly, and due to the “thermos” effect, stay warm.

This pad is also environmentally friendly. It has virtually no VOCs i.e. styrene, formaldehyde or 4-PC. In order for carpet to receive the “green label” from the indoor air quality testing program, a carpet cannot give off more than 600 ug/cubic meter. Frothed foam pads, on average, only give of 35 ug (virtually undetectable). Its off gassing is 150% less than carpet. Also, “Healthier Choice Green” frothed pad is treated so as to eliminate bacteria growth. This means that if you have a pet spill, and you clean it up, the residue will not breed more bacteria and begin to smell. This also applies to foods like spilt milk etc. Furthermore, Frothed Foam Carpet Cushion will not crumble, or disintegrate like rubber.

One thing I like about this pad is that it can be installed in a way to give the homeowner a moisture barrier between the carpet and the flooring. This keeps liquids (urine, milk, water, wine, soda pop etc.) from reaching the floor and soaking into subfloor. Thus, the the floor does not begin to smell like a litter box. “Healthier Choice Green” also has superior load bearing capability. This means the carpet will not delaminate, will not wrinkle, and will have outstanding appearance retention.

This great pad will not be in every carpet dealer in the country as it is expensive when compared to alternative pads. However, if you can’t find it, and you want the best, you can contact me, and I will send you a way to contact either a dealer or the mill itself. This pad cost about 75 cents/sq ft. in most major cities, and must be purchased in 20 sq yd rolls. (6 X 30 feet).


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