Shaw Carpet

Innovative manufacturing techniques and environmentally friendly practices have made Shaw Carpets. a leader in the residential carpet industry for more than 20 years and ranked #1 in design, #1 in service and # 1 in quality for 8 consecitive years by the retailers who sell Shaw Carpets.  The Anso Caress collection features ultra-soft premium nylon in stylish textures, twists, and LCL patterns, while the EverTouch Everyday Elegance line offers luxury and sophistication without sacrificing durability and  is the "softest, cleanest, longest-lasting, greenest collection of recyclable Type 6 nylon products."

Shaw Carpeting - Stylish and Practical

Carpeting a busy home presents special challenges. You want a classic, elegant look, but you need it to withstand the rigors of an active family. Your kids want soft and comfortable, but you worry about durability. Shaw Carpets are the answer to your family's floor covering needs.

Earth Friendly Solutions for Your Home

Not only will you love the look and feel of Shaw Carpets, you'll feel better knowing your flooring is manufactured with environmental responsibility in mind. Shaw's environmental innovations, known as the Shaw Green Edge, is responsible for reducing waste, improving energy efficiency, and incorporating recycled materials into many of their products. Shaw's own nylon recycling facility in Augusta, GA converts old nylon carpet into caprolactam, the organic compound that forms the basis of nylon. This caprolactam is then used to create new carpets, reducing the environmental impact of the manufacturing process.

Distinctive Shaw Carpeting Style

When you choose Shaw Carpets for your home, you don't have to sacrifice beauty for durability or elegance for the environment. Shaw's commitment to customer satisfaction and earth friendly policies mean you can have everything you want in your floor coverings, whether your style is classic or contemporary.

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