Flexitec is the number one cushion vinyl product on the market. It is a flexible, easy to install, maintenance free, quality floor with superior durability.

Flexitec Cushion Vinyl has a unique 5 layer construction giving it unrivaled stability removing common problems of curling, cracking, expanding and contracting. Flexitec offers superior durability that can be attributed to its 5 layer construction that includes a flexible and durable fiberglass and a resilient cushioning foam layer. Flexitec floors are easy to clean thanks to the QuickClean and SuperGuard wear top-layers. Your floor will resist stains and scuffs better than other floors.

Flexitec cushioned vinyl can be installed over existing floors of plywood, particle board, parquet/hardwood, concrete, masonite, gypcrete, old linoleum and vinyl/tile, with a little extra effort and cost. Handy homeowners can even tackle the installation job themselves.

Flexitec line of Cushion Sheet Vinyl Flooring is produced byInternational Vinyl Corporation (IVC) in Dalton, Georgia.

Beaver Carpets is proud to offer a wide selection of Flexitec Vinyl. Email us today or call 1-800-628-2206 to speak to one of our experienced sales staff, and we’ll help you find the right Flexitec Vinyl for your home.

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